Preserving Australia’s finite resources through

advanced recycling and resource recovery.

As Australia transitions to a circular economy, Brandown’s leading recycling and resource recovery facilities use advanced technologies to capture Australia’s finite resources and preserve them for future generations.

We partner with governments, major contractors, councils, and private businesses to provide end-to-end recycling, material production and waste disposal services at our specially engineered sites.

We accept over 700,000 tonnes of material annually and divert as much of this from landfill as possible.

We recover over 95% of the
total material we receive.

End-to-end service

When waste arrives on-site, we undertake advanced screening and sorting to separate quality materials from waste.

Reusable materials are recovered using our specialist resource recovery facilities, which use various technologies to return the material into high-quality construction and landscaping products for safe use.

Any remaining waste material is safely and responsibly disposed of in engineered landfills.

our process

arrives on site

Recyclable material
processed through specialist resource recovery facility.

Remaining waste
safely disposed of in an engineered landfill cell.

Advanced screening
and sorting.

Supply of high-quality
construction and
landscaping products.